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31 Jul

Working with the brilliant Bethany Gibson on Rafael. Bethany edited my novel Going Fast. This book takes readers inside a payday loan company, a dreadful political roast, and a bar where something awful is just waiting to happen. Character driven, it deals with people at a crossroads in life.

Good News, Goose Lane

10 May

Goose Lane Editions is publishing my new short story collection, Rafael Has Pretty Eyes. I look forward to making magic with the publisher of Going Fast.

The Antigonish Review

28 Nov

My short story entitled “It Will Happen” is appearing in The Antigonish Review. It is one of 17 stories in my new collection. It may just be my favourite. I have a sentimental attachment to TAR because they published “The Watermelon Social,” possibly the favourite story I have written.

Shelagh Rogers

18 Sep

Thanks to Susan Juby for saying lovely things about the Most Heartless Town in Canada while appearing in Shelagh Rogers.  Susan called my book the Canadian version of The Family Fang, which was both generous and inspiring. Thank you.


24 May

“McCluskey’s writing is so good, her characters so richly drawn, and the payoff so great—in heart and humour both—that you’ll be happy to follow these sentences down any avenue, and all over town.”