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The Most Heartless Town in Canada review

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“When Summr and I were free in Halifax that day, we cut through a park, and I saw, amidst the hipsters and the bums, a girl walking, oblivious to her surroundings, taking quick happy steps, and just before she vanished, I saw her peek inside her coat at a grey ball of fur.  It was as though the feel of that kitten and the promise that it offered was unspeakably thrilling. And so when something wonderful happens to me, I think about the girl and the kitten, and I do not share it with jealous people or angry people who would, without a moment’s thought, ruin it.

And if anything good comes from me telling this story, it may be that you no longer believe everything you read  in the newspaper and you may think twice before you spoil things for others.”

The Most Heartless Town in Canada

Going Fast