While my novel is set in Myrtle, N.S., it does have a sub-plot involving the historic Camp Norway in Lunenburg, a fascinating part of our history.

19 May


My books have arrived and are in book stores. Excited.

19 May

Coming soon

22 Feb

My novel is coming soon. In the meantime, I am writing short stories. I am delighted that one of my stories will be published in The Danforth Review soon. It is entitled The Gates of Heaven.

Samplers of The Most Heartless Town in Canada have arrived

3 Feb

Sometimes you need Bristol board to keep your timeline honest.

3 Feb

ReLit Longlist

4 Jan

Hello, Sweetheart Hello, Sweetheart. http://relitawards.com/

New story in a new journal

7 Dec

New story in a new journal

Cool video of my daughter

9 Nov

The Most Heartless Town in Canada

1 Nov

I am now doing the first edit of my novel with brilliant notes from my editor. Yes. Yes. Yes. I am happy polishing sections and sharpening themes. Looking at a March launch.

New Novel

27 Aug

When Summr and I were free in the city that day, we cut through a park, and I saw, amidst the hipsters and the bums, a girl walking, oblivious to her surroundings, taking quick happy steps, and just before she vanished, I saw her peek inside her coat at a grey ball of fur. It […]