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Rafael Has Pretty Eyes is scheduled for release in March 2022.

25 Nov

Samplers of The Most Heartless Town in Canada have arrived

3 Feb

Sometimes you need Bristol board to keep your timeline honest.

3 Feb

ReLit Longlist

4 Jan

Hello, Sweetheart Hello, Sweetheart.

New story in a new journal

7 Dec

New story in a new journal

Cool video of my daughter

9 Nov

The Most Heartless Town in Canada

1 Nov

I am now doing the first edit of my novel with brilliant notes from my editor. Yes. Yes. Yes. I am happy polishing sections and sharpening themes. Looking at a March launch.

New Novel

27 Aug

When Summr and I were free in the city that day, we cut through a park, and I saw, amidst the hipsters and the bums, a girl walking, oblivious to her surroundings, taking quick happy steps, and just before she vanished, I saw her peek inside her coat at a grey ball of fur. It […]

On writing

6 Aug

When I work on a novel, I keep, at the same time, a file of finished and unfinished short stories. Sometimes, I drop characters or scenes into the file for later use. A piece of dialogue. A description of how someone felt or looked at a moment. I do this for two reasons 1) I […]