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While my novel is set in Myrtle, N.S., it does have a sub-plot involving the historic Camp Norway in Lunenburg, a fascinating part of our history.

19 May

My books have arrived and are in book stores. Excited.

19 May

Novel Coming in 2016

18 Jul

  My new novel is scheduled for release in February, 2016. It is coming from the gloriously creative West Coast publisher Anvil Press, which brought you Valery the Great. My novel is entitled The Most Heartless Town in Canada, and I am excited.

New Story, Dear Readers

9 Jul

  Happy to have a new story accepted by a new journal, Galleon, which is highlighting writers from Atlantic Canada. This will be my 51st story in print, either in a journal or a collection.

Hello, Sweetheart Review

29 Jun

Review from Winnipeg Review of Hello, Sweetheart.   Review of Hello, Sweetheart     Hello, Sweetheart  crashes Geist The latest Geist (No. 96) contains Rating Dr. Chestnut, a short story from Hello, Sweetheart, my new collection. The National Post called this story one of the more experimental stories in the book. I hope you enjoy its subversive nature.

New Site in Progress

21 Jun

Hello Everyone, Please sit tight as we add the finishing touches to my new website. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at I have been enjoying the kind reviews for my new book, Hello, Sweetheart. Thank you!